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Linearalkylbenzene sulfonic acid(LAS)

Molecular formulaR-C6H4-So3H


(LAS) is an anionic surfactant.Withdecontamination,wetting,foaming,

emulsification, dispersion and otherproperties.This product has strong

detergency, good foaming power and good foamstability. 

It has good stability in acidic, alkaline and some oxides (such assodium hypochlorite, peroxide, etc.), and is compatible with other surfactantsand auxiliaries.


(LAS) is used as raw materials for the production of various detergentsand emulsifiers, such as washing powder and tableware detergent in dailychemical industry, cleaning agent in textile industry, dyeing auxiliary agent,degreasing agent in electroplating industry and leather industry, and deinkingagent in paper industry.

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