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Sodium Linear alpha olefin sulfonate(AOS-35)

Molecular formula:R-CH=CH-(CH2)n-So3Na


Itis an anionic surfactant, referred to as AOS. It has excellent detergency,foaming power, emulsifying power and other properties; it is very soluble inwater and has strong calcium soap dispersing power and hard water resistance;it has good biodegradability, mild to skin; good compounding performance; easyto rinse.


Itis widely used in daily chemical industry, such as washing powder, compoundsoap, tableware detergent and non phosphorus detergent: used in shampoo, bathagent, cleansing cream and other cleaning cosmetics: for industrial detergent,such as oil field, mine, building, fire fighting, textile printing and dyeing:it can also be used as air entraining agent and expansion agent in constructionindustry, and foam agent for fire fighting.


AOS/35200kg Plastic barrelbulk

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