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Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (K12 needle)

Molecular formula:RO- SO3NaR=C12-14alkyl


Itis an anionic surfactant, K12 for short. Soluble in water, it has excellentemulsifying, foaming, penetrating, decontamination and dispersing properties,rich and delicate foam, good compatibility, good resistance to hard water andfast biodegradation.


Itis widely used in toothpaste foaming agent, cosmetic emulsifier, shampoo, bathagent and other washing cosmetics surfactant. Also widely used inpharmaceutical industry, widely used in pharmaceutical manufacturingemulsifier, detergent, dispersant, wetting agent, foaming agent. As concreteadditive, foaming agent and air entraining agent in construction industry. Itcan also be used as leveling agent and mineral flotation agent in printing anddyeing industry.


K12/(needle) 25Kg Composite bag


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