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tert-Dodecyl Mercaptan PLUS

Product Name: tert-Dodecyl Mercaptan PLUS

Supplier: Chevron Phillips

Origin: America

Packing: 172.37 KG/DRUM or ISOTANK

The product has a very good improvement in odor compared to ordinary tert-Dodecyl Mercaptan, and its performance is equivalent to that of ordinary tert-dodecyl mercaptan.

It’s put in ABS resin, styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), nitrile rubber (NBR), high-impact polystyrene (M-HIPS) products, used as a molecular weight regulator during the polymerization. It’s also used as stabilizer and antioxidant for polyolefins such as polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene and as raw material for synthesizing certain drugs, insecticides, fungicides and perfumes.

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