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Alcohol ether carboxylic acid

Alcohol ether carboxylic acid is used in the metalworking fluid industry as a dispersant and stabilizer for calcium and magnesium soaps in water-based cutting fluids and cleaning agents. By adding the right amount of this additive to the formulation, the product adapts to the water quality of different regions. At the same time, its excellent dispersing ability so that the agglomerated soap is finely dispersed state, not only to eliminate the adhesion of pollution, but also to improve the working fluid foam, lubrication properties.

This category has the following characteristics.

√ Good wetting, decontamination, emulsification performance, very strong calcium and magnesium soap dispersion ability

√ Hard water, acid and alkali resistance, strong electrolyte resistance, high temperature resistance, good stability

√ Good compatibility, with any ionic and non-ionic surfactants, a wide range of formulation adaptability

√ Easy biodegradation, up to 98% degradation rate

Molecular structureRO(OCH2CH2)nCH2COOHR=C12-14 or C18 Alkyl

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