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Wuxi Qicheng's fifth anniversary celebration came to a successful conclusion

PublishedDate:2022-11-10 16:16:43
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    The years are like a song, the frost is like a picture, Wuxi Qicheng Industry Co. On November 8, 2022, in order to celebrate this special day, the company held a fifth anniversary celebration with the theme of "five years of cooperation, achievement and development of the future". The celebration was divided into two parts: game and dinner.

    At 1:00 pm, all the staffs of the company played the wonderful and exciting red packet games in the office, including the childish "Happy Loop", the thrilling "Rich and Dangerous" and the wonderful educational "One Word Idiom". "The fun and red packet games were full of fun, and the little ones were happy to have their wallets bulging.



    At 6:00 pm, the dinner started on time at the hotel. The celebration dinner was attended by not only all the staffs of Chess Success, but also the suppliers, customers and other partners who supported us so much, and we all shared the wonderful and joyful 5th anniversary.

   At the beginning of the dinner, the general manager of the company, Quan Jianguo, gave a speech on stage. In his speech, he explained to the guests the five-year development history and future business planning, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the partners, suppliers, old leaders, old friends, old classmates and all employees who started the business together, and firmly believed that the future would be even more brilliant; finally, Quan said: the most important responsibility of the company is to feed the employees and pay taxes to the state, and it is best to make money in the end, and it is okay to make no money. He showed the big pattern and great responsibility of an excellent entrepreneur.


    Then, all the employees of the company presented a chorus of "I believe", "I believe in freedom, I believe in hope, I want to believe that I can reach out and touch the sky ......", the impassioned and inspiring song, igniting the enthusiasm of the whole audience. After the song, all the employees of the company filled their glasses and made a toast together, symbolizing the opening of the next five years of more brilliant and glorious!


    Next, a warm birthday blessing song rang out on the scene, and the birthday cake with brilliant fireworks slowly entered the center of the stage under the leadership of the welcoming guests. Happily, this meaningful day is also the birthday of our vice president Zhu Zhiwei, what a wonderful destiny. In this beautiful night, in this joyful moment, let's ignite the happiness with blessings, wish Mr. Zhu a happy birthday and a better tomorrow for Wuxi Kexing.


    Finally, the alumni of the university sang a song "Dare to ask where the road is", a classic melody, bringing everyone full of memories. The song "Glorious Years" was also performed live by all the alumni, which brought the atmosphere of the dinner party to the climax with passionate singing!

    We all drank wine together in a cup of laughter, which is the friendship along the way. With blessings, laughter and songs, the happy time of the anniversary celebration came to a successful end. The fifth anniversary celebration is over, but the steps of Wuxi Go into the forward will not stop, the spirit of focus will not stop, the bright dream, live and die ......

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