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Wuxi qicheng donated 1.2 million RMB to Southeast University

PublishedDate:2022-09-22 14:41:19
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Those who fall in fact think of its trees, those who drink its streams miss its source. Ltd. donated RMB 1.2 million to Southeast University on June 1, 2022 to support and reward the outstanding teachers and students of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Southeast University, in order to express our gratitude to the education of our alma mater and express our deep blessing to the 120th birthday of our alma mater.


Quan is an alumnus of the 1999 class of College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Southeast University, and he has very deep feelings for Southeast University. He said that his family was poor and financially constrained when he was studying, and he finished his education only by his own hard work and study with the help of alumni grants and teachers. "Therefore, he did not forget to give back to his alma mater while developing his own career, and added bricks to the development of his alma mater and alma mater.


On the same day, the signing ceremony for the donation of Kecheng Scholarship and Scholarship and the awarding ceremony of Kecheng Scholarship 2022 was held in Jiulong Lake Campus.At the signing ceremony, alumnus Jianguo Quan and Secretary General Zhenhua Rui jointly signed the donation agreement, alumnus Jianguo Quan and Secretary General Zhenhua Rui handed over the donation commemorative plaque, and Shining Zhenhua presented the donation certificate and the 120th anniversary donation plate to Quan on behalf of the university.


The attending guests presented the award certificates to the 2022 winning students. The representatives of the winning students spoke and expressed their gratitude for the scholarship and determination to improve themselves. After the awarding, Mr. Quan talked with the students and shared his thoughts with them. Mr. Quan shared his own journey and provided some guidance for the students on their way forward, hoping that the students will continue to keep their original intention, live up to their achievements, cherish their time and try to make their good time in college more meaningful.


The alma mater's voice is hidden in my heart, and my cultivation will never be forgotten. The double A birthday golden bottle is raised, the education is prosperous so phoenix! This donation is full of sincere gratitude and blessing to the alma mater, and also expresses the heart of support for the national education cause.


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