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Live up to the time, Live up to the food - Bowring Barbecue party

PublishedDate:2022-06-17 14:04:02
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May is the spring breeze, the end is a companion play. The epidemic haze gradually dispersed, spring just, in order to release everyone repeatedly tortured by the epidemic depression mood, in order to enrich the entertainment activities of the company's employees, in order to enhance the revolutionary friendship between colleagues. Wuxi Qicheng organized an outdoor barbecue group building activity on Friday, May 20, 2022. At ten o 'clock in the morning, we set out at the company. All the way, our colleagues were in high spirits. Soon we arrived at the destination - Longsi Ecological Park.

Walk to Bao Green barbecue base, little friends can't wait to start the barbecue. The barbequers did their best to demonstrate their culinary skills. Dry and fragrant steak, fresh and juicy mutton, fresh and spicy and crisp baked squid, spicy baked sausage and soft sweet potato, etc., hit the taste buds of our friends again and again. After the barbecue, there are endless fruits, snacks, drinks, beer. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food while enjoying the beautiful scenery and breathing the fresh air. At the same time, four guandan masters are eating and beating guandan. The air is filled with a happy atmosphere. We are eating the hand-cooked food and talking about all kinds of interesting things we have encountered in our work and life.



At 1:30 in the afternoon, we gathered at the lawn activity area and started the game. The company welfare committee prepared 4 games for this spring outing, which are you draw I guess, pass the microphone, who is undercover, tug-of-war, the winner of the game can receive red envelopes and luxury prizes. Everyone was enthusiastic, energetic, and immersed in the fun atmosphere of the game.



With everyone's laughter and laughter, the group construction activity was successfully concluded. Through this activity, not only let colleagues breathe the fresh air in nature, enhance the feelings among employees, but also show the team spirit of friendship and mutual assistance, relax, harvest happiness, and add color to our work and life.

Finally, Thanks to the activities organized by the company, let us friends gather together, connect our hearts, establish a big family of friendship and unity, as well as a harmonious, mutual assistance, happy working atmosphere. The sun is warm, live up to the time. All the way forward, the future can be expected! The successful completion of the group construction, the best way of life, is to run with a group of like-minded people, together on the road of the ideal.

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