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The Yixing Trip

PublishedDate:2020-11-19 09:24:58
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             This time wuxi qicheng group built, we were lucky to come to Yixing. Yixing is China's famous pottery capital, known as "the ancient capital of pottery, the world of caves, the oasis of tea, the sea of bamboo".
             Landscape embracing, artistic conception is the first, located in Yixing City Hufu Town Zhanggongdong tourist attractions, the handwork of the continent Pusu Mountain is the destination of this.

             Once arriving at the destination, small friends are attracted by the big thing in front of them, which is the "earth stove" in the countryside. For born in the countryside, long in the countryside of us, is so familiar and kind. My friends will be busy soon, because one of today's activities is to cook a table of "delicious food" on the earth stove. There were people who were responsible for the fire, the chopping, the cooking, and of course, the children who were responsible for the eating and drinking.

After enjoying the delicious food cooked by ourselves, we have free activities and enjoy the beautiful scenery around us.

              In this charming landscape, we chose an empty space, held a unique "parent-child game". For example, "Where is my baby", "I dress my father (mother) shoes", "two people three feet", "step on the balloon", "joy grab candy" and so on, the children not only exercise, but also deepen the relationship.

              Away from the hustle and bustle of the world, come to such a natural oxygen bar, small friends instantly full of vitality. Do delicious food, taste delicious food, enjoy beautiful scenery, play games, not comfortable. In the laughter of our friends, our group building activities also quietly closed the curtain.

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